About Sarahan


Government Model College Sarahan is an institution that was opened in June 2014 by the Government of Himachal Pradesh notification No EDN-A-Ka(1)-1/2014 Dated 15th January 2014 with the sole objective of providing adequate opportunity of the academic and intllectual growth to the youth residing in the far fling areas of the pachhad region of District Sirmaur. Government Degree College Sarahan is affiliated with Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. It is located on the National Highway 38 Km from Nahan on the one and 52 Km from Solan on the otherside.

As per the local narretives about the origin of the name of this place (SARAHAN) there are very interesting versions. The first version is says that this place derives its place from the only perrennial source of water which is a huge pond. In local dialect, the word SAR means the water body (pond) and RAHAN means the habitation, means thereby the habitation of human beings surrounding the water body.

There is a religious story about how thsi pond came into existance. Once upon a time when SHRIGUL, the local deity, was feeling thirsty then his god sister BHANGAYANI( a famous deity in SIRMAUR district) thumped her feet on the earth and water spurted out of that place which eventually formed the pond. The shape of the pond resembles the footprint.

Another version states that in olden times when king used to go on journey along with his subordinates he used to halt at this place. It is stated that there was a SARAI (A guest house) near this village where the king and his companions used to stay. That is how this place acquired its present name as SARAHAN means a place which has a SARAI.

The place SARAHAN is situated in Tehsil Pachhad on a dry hill of Dhaarti region with the heighest peak of BHUR-SINGH-KI-DHAR(1961m) lying toward south of Churdhar mountain. It takes its origin from Dagshai in the west, runs parallel to Saindhar extending to Giri river nera Sirmauri Tal. In the winter season thehill receives snow which sometimes stays upto February. On its top is a temple dedicated to a deity named BHURSINGH, from where the hill derives its name.


A beautiful concept envisioned by Deputy Commissioner Sirmaur, DR R K Pruthy to empower rural women entrepreneurs. SHE-HAAT will be exciting destination to enjoy Ethnic Sirmauri Food like ASKALI, BEDAWI, PATANDA, PATILE, SWEET LUSHKE. SHE-HAAT is a restaurant run and managed by all the rural women. A gift HAAT (shop) with all environment friendly gifts wrapped and packed eco friendly materials are available for the visitors and tourists.

Bhureshwar Temple

Bhureshwar Mahadev temple is religious and tourist destination in sirmour district, very calm and peaceful place situated on a peak nearer to Sarahan on the Nahan - Solan state highway. From here Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva saw the Kurukshetra War. Road to temple started from panwa, trek is not long almost 2 km . Their is a rock on the backside of the temple where entry is prohibited. Day trip for backpackers from chandigarh, solan, shimla belt.