About RSC

As per the directions of the Directorate of Higher Education letter No. EDN-HE (21)F(10)13/2021-Road Safety dated 14th Dec. 2021, a ROAD SAFETY CLUB has been constituted in Government College Sarahan.
The vision of the road safety club is to reduce road accidents and save lives. The mission of the road safety club is to raise awareness of road safety among students and all road users in order to change their behaviour on the roads.
Since its inception, the club has held a variety of events such as raising awareness about road safety, demonstrating street activities such as mime, issuing hand bills to the public with road safety and safe driving tips.
The main objectives of the road safety club are:
To raise student awareness about road safety.
To educate road users about traffic rules, traffic regulations, and other road safety tips
To assist in the enforcement of traffic rules.
To develop skills among the students to train others in different areas of road safety.
Mediate and assist the government in implementing road safety measures and programs
Conducting blood donation camps along with the government blood banks
To conduct health camps for the drivers of autos, trucks, taxis, and buses
The Road Safety Club is formed with no profit motive and no commercial activities are involved in its work.