Mentor - Mentee Portal


Mentoring is a voluntary professional relationship whose primary purpose is professional development. Mentees look to the mentor – an experienced, knowledgeable, trusted professional – as an advisor who can help them develop personal skills or competencies that will help them achieve personal and career goals. If that definition sounds a bit indefinite, that’s intentional. Remember, the nature of mentoring depends on a number of individual factors, like:
• the ground rules the mentor and mentee agree on,
• the background and experience of the mentor and mentee, and
• the personalities of the mentor and mentee.


Benefits of being Mentor

Here are just some of the benefits mentors have reported:
• Personal satisfaction from being able to share your experience
• Feeling energized by the opportunity to give back to the society
• Increased self-awareness
• Reinforced sense of professional identity
• Increased visibility and respect in your organization or society
• Increased ability to develop talent
• Enhanced skills
• The opportunity to help shape future professionals
• The opportunity to gain insight about a different generation or culture
• The opportunity to enhance your pupil skills
• Validation and increased confidence
• Increased job satisfaction
• The opportunity to interact with, and learn from, someone outside of your normal class
• The opportunity to build or enhance your support network
• The opportunity to develop lasting friendships



Here are some of the benefits of being mentee:
• An increased self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses
• An increased self-awareness of their values and goals
• Satisfaction from committing to personal and professional growth
• The opportunity to receive constructive feedback regarding various skills
• The opportunity to commit to holding themselves accountable
• The opportunity to develop or refine interpersonal skills
• The opportunity to build their support network
• The opportunity to develop lasting friendship